About the Cry of the Falcon

“Only our very being is more fundamental to us than truth. We must have truth; only then can we begin to live, only then can we rest in beauty’s contemplation, and have our hearts first stirred then filled with good. It was the Word, the Wisdom of God, Who became man and lived amongst us, in order, as He Himself said, that men “might have the truth, and the truth might make them free. ” He lived for truth, and died rather than mouth the lie that would deny His divinity. Without truth, there is no way for a mans feet to walk, no light for his eyes to see, no goal for his living. He is a slave to the lie that has usurped the throne of truth. Perhaps truth has been denied him with ruthless malice, perhaps the denial came through a teacher’s naive, wide eyed, well meaning stupidity, perhaps it was the individual’s own cowardly fear of his own humanity and its demand for courageous living. Whatever the reason, culpable or not, malicious or well meant, the utter fundamental destruction of the lives of men is the same. We must have Truth.”-Thomas Aquinas

YOU can also write poetry! I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to try writing. You don’t ever have to share your poems, you can keep them for yourself, but try it out sometime and sound your barbaric YAWP from the rooftops!


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